Sunday, March 31, 2024

My New Shirt

I am sitting alone at Anton's house. I ask myself, what am I still doing here? I actually came to help make clothing for a concert for a school here in Montana (Montana High School).

Anton has found someone new. I am glad, for his sake, as it helps me to emotionally break with him. He said last night at a club to a lady that she must not infer; he is not going to give me another chance.

So this is the end of a story, a long time, three years together. And now he is on his own, I am leaving him so he can do whatever he wants.

I made myself a new shirt on Friday, this was Easter weekend.

I forgot to wash the fabric, causing it to shrink significantly. Consequently, instead of being a medium, it is now a small, rendering it unwearable. Since I was quite fond of the fabric, I need to sell this shirt.

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