Tuesday, May 14, 2024

So Today I am Here in Magalieskruin to Come and Work with Anton on High School Montana Consert

I drove from home in Centurion to Magalieskruin with a little fuel, but I am lucky I made it to Maglieskruin. I don't have my computer yet, so that was the reason why I did not make any postings these last few weeks.

I start to worry about when I am going to retire. I will need more money to survive. I am thinking of going to school in Spain. I would love to teach English; I can also do it online, with the sewing I want to do. Maybe if the online course that I am going to do is the Tefl course, I can start to give online classes to children. I am seriously thinking of going to life in Spain when I am sixty years old to help with an extra income. I have never been overseas and would love to see Spain.

The depression gets hard at times, but I will survive with the medication I am on.
I will hopefully find closure about the partnership that Anton and I had. Hopefully, I will forget him and will never go into a partnership with him. I am glad it is over; it put too much stress on me, and I can continue to work because all he has on his mind is his relationships; I can't do that anymore.
I remember the day when he was in tears and asked me, Why don't I want to start a relationship? I told him that I don't have relationships.

Shame the Portuges - The Marketing Manager where I work (Springboks 64 - Portugal 22) 20 July 2024 Bloemfontein

 Anton was at his dad's funeral on Friday, he took it hard, but he is fine.  We went out to watch the game and a pub, get drunk, eat and...