Friday, April 12, 2024

Friday was work day

 Today was hard work, and we are not sure if we still have the contract for Montana School, but we have already made a few props and hats, so we will at least get something for that. However, we are still trying to get all the costumes.

I took a few photos of the work we did today. I worked on the paper mache, Anton worked on the props and hats.

This week has been tough with all the emotions running between Anton and me. He fell in love with someone else, and it seems like it's finally over. I am glad about that because Jan Hendrik is absolutely a narcissist. He played Anton, and that totally broke him.

I am here for him and will be there for him when he needs me. He hit me on the nose last Wednesday, but it's all about the frustration he has with the feelings he has for Jan Hendrik. He hurt me and Anton, and he had a big influence on my relationship. Still, I am not sure where I am going or if I will stay with Anton. Will we still have a relationship like the one we had for the last three years until we split in November 2023? I don't know. Time will tell, and I feel very uncertain. I actually don't do relationships. There are too many emotions flying around that I can't handle, but being alone is also hard.

Here are a few pictures I took of our work for the steampunk theme of the school.

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