Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Anton, You Know I Forgive Every time When It Was My Time...

Why did you send me this message on Facebook? You know you're going to break my heart; you I need to talk about the truth. I did a lot to help with the design of the shirt. I actually develop and create the idea because I am a designer. You helped me to let my thoughts and my dreams come to a product. I need you now more than ever before. Will you come and help me? 

Anton's message on Facebook:

Thanks for using almost all of the artwork that you made as your own for your videos. If it makes you feel good to use someone else's oxen to plow your land go for it. Hope you learned something out of my creativity. Wish you luck, don't know where you gonna get artwork to brag about even if it is not your own. Well, I must say although you frustrated me sometimes a lot because I had to show you sometimes over and over and the next day you still couldn't crack it, but most of the time I love sharing my skills with you. I'm going to miss you as my partner and once my lover but I allowed you to choose between your bad habits and me. Unfortunately, you chose your 3 mistresses and I could not fight them anymore and they won. It hurts me so bad to see that you were still willing to hurt your own body using your mistresses with your bipolar medication. I really feel sad about the way I treated you while you were under their influence but could not share you with them anymore. Wish you all the possible happiness, and again sorry for not being able to make you and them happy. Wish you all the luck, and wish we could be friends forever but unfortunately, you made that call. Good luck my once-before beloved will always remember you. LOVIES ANTON.

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Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me - 1993

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